ADP Update: Is Michael Vick Worth A Pick?

The Philadelphia Eagles took a chance on Michael Vick. Will you?

From the Eagles

Andy Reid had said that Vick will contribute this year.  He said that both McNabb and Kolb’s jobs are not in jeopardy, and that with Vick’s talent with running and throwing, he’ll find some way to get him on the field.

Vick’s ADP

Right now, Vick is being drafted in the 13th round of 12-team mock drafts.  This data includes some drafts that occurred before the signing was announced, so this position may change within the next few days.  He’s going between Joe Flacco and Brady Quinn right now.

Worth a flier?

It’s hard to say if his value will go up or down the news.  It sounds like the Eagles are looking forward to getting him on the field, but he’s definitely not going to be a starting QB this year.  He may end up as more of a tight end or be active in Wildcat-type plays.

He is still likely to be suspended from games for the first 5 weeks of the season, so his value has a ceiling.  Vick may have a greater fantasy value to you by distracting people in your draft who haven’t paid much attention in the past couple of years.  Cross your fingers that one of your friends grabs him in the 5th round.

  1. Jacob

    Solid advice. I do think people are getting a little too excited about Vick now that he’s signed. First, we have to see how the Eagles will use him.


  2. James

    So, if he’s listed as a QB come draft time, I would only be able to use him in my QB slot. Yes, a deceptive waste of a pick. It will be interesting to see if Yahoo or ESPN allow him to be slotted in a RB or Flex type roster spot.


  3. Lee

    I noticed a couple weeks ago that he had a higher ADP than Bulger. I know the Rams have been stinking it up but I thought Bulger was a better pick than a guy that was not even back in the league and a backup QB at best.


  4. john

    1st off vick is not going to be a starting qb and if he was hes still not a great option at all. He was fantasy poison when he was with atl. up and down. you need Constant play at the qb position. Also i dont think you can plug him in at RB so unless you can use a qb in a flex position vick is worthless .02


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